november 25-26

crisis simulation Day 2

How will you fare on the digital battlefield of the future?

The Future Impact Summit “AI Games” Crisis Simulation allows players to interact with the key technology trends that will shape our future world.

Attendees will explore AI-scenarios focussing on digital diplomacy, technology supply chains, electoral misinformation and climate change.

Attendees will be allocated to one of 5 teams and react in real-time to crisis updates around digital diplomacy, technology and real-world conflict.

Each team will work to assert its own interests and negotiate collectively to provide responses to unfolding crises around specific case studies.

Play as though the world depends on it - In this game it does
Your adventure into tomorrow's world awaits!

impact exhibition Day 1

Explore Innovation

Dive into the heart of innovation at the Future Impact Exhibition!

Meet the creators behind groundbreaking ventures and buzzing startups tackling tomorrow's big issues.

Chat with visionaries, discover fresh solutions, and catch a glimpse of the amazing future ahead!

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