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Our Story.

The Future Impact Summit represents a unique collaboration between the LSE Alumni Association London, LSESU Future Impact Society and the LSESU Entrepreneurs Society.


The LSE community has a proud heritage of challenging existing ways of thinking for the betterment of society. New challenges on the global stage such as climate change, emerging technology trends such as AI and shifting geopolitical and macroeconomic factors mean that such pioneering thought is needed more than ever. 


The Summit also presents a unique opportunity to further a culture of stewardship at the LSE and beyond. Through showcasing a broad range of personal and professional talent we also hope to inspire future generations. Through our work the Future Impact Summit teams will showcase the best of the LSE family and positively shape pragmatic, data-driven narratives and solutions to tomorrow’s issues.

Future Impact Summit Executive Team 

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LSESU Future Impact Society

A community and student movement based in LSE actively engaging with the emerging issues that will define our future economy, society and world.

LSESU Entrepreneurs Society

Premier student society focusing on entrepreneurship. One of the largest and most active student societies on the LSE campus.

LSE Alumni Association London

The officially recognised LSE alumni group for the city of London representing c.40,000 London-based alumni. As the largest alumni chapter in the LSE Alumni networks the LSEAAL seeks to uniquely shape and contribute to the London based alumni community.

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